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TIG: Speedrunning Charity Event Raises $1.2 Million

A heartwarming Thing in Gaming today as charity organisation ‘Awesome Games Done Quick’ has raised an astounding $1.2 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Woah-holy-fuck that’s a lotta clams! The event stretched from the 3rd January to the 10th and clearly shows how generous people can be when they are submitted to an endless stream of their favourite games played with the speed and skill of Ozymandias after fifteen cans of Monster.

There were some impressive runs throughout the event including two guys doing a speedrun of Super Metroid which, in case you didn’t know, is a one player game. The two lovingly shared a controller as they obliterated their way through the entire game in just over 52 minutes. Have a lookie:

And a incredible race through Super Mario World where players had to go through all 96 levels of the game:

The organisers have already announced their next event which will take place from 3rd to 9th July for the Summer Games Done Quick 2016 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Speedrunning is a pleasure to watch and to see such skilled players from all over use every trick in the book to annihilate a game in record time is truly thrilling. No wonder AGDQ raked in so much this year! Hopefully the next event will be even bigger.


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