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TIG – Thinking Of Investing In Psychonauts 2? Maybe This Video Will Change Your Mind


I would imagine that if Tim Schafer were to enter a popularity contest right now he would have to leave the stage during the first round after being pelted with tomatoes while people in the crowd cry and stroke photos of him from twenty years ago, bellowing “WHY TIM!? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU MAAAAN?! YOU USED TO BE COOL!”.

It’s not been a good few years for the once great game designer and things only appear to be getting worse. Mr Schafer announced a Fig campaign for Psychonauts 2 similar to their Kickstarter for Broken Age and are once again asking the affluent people of the world for the money that they have managed to keep hidden from him in their socks, sofas or bank accounts. Well guess what, he doesn’t care how much you owe Gaben this Christmas, he wants you to dig deep! That’s it! Show him how much you want it! Go on, let him know just how much you want that sequel to Psychonauts using nothing but your hard earned cash!

Well that is unless you watch this rather depressing video from dangerousanalysis detailing how Tim and his merry band of double-headed babies could be taking you for a ride.

With everything that has happened with Double Fine recently it could be seen as simply poor management or a severe lack of judgement but good lord if the devil ain’t in the details. Even if we were to ignore how overambitious they were with Broken Age, the same being with the original Psychonauts and not to mention that whole thing with Spacebase DF-9, it’s almost as if the project is destined to fail. According to the video, Fig is hardly in a position to support itself let alone a huge game that Psychonauts 2 will undoubtedly be and the crowdfunding company may not even see it to 2017 never mind the games release year of 2018.

Perhaps it is best not to venture into the murky waters of investment on this one. It seems the company are wanting to keep a lot of information regarding investments and returns low key at the moment and besides, financially supporting a game as a dedicated publisher is risky business anyway without it being your own personal assets on the line.

I would go along with what dangerousanalysis has said about following the rewards path if you absolutely must support this game. I would even take it one step further and say the best way to support it would be to simply buy the original Psychonauts. Even if you have it, buy it and gift it to a friend. It’s a great game and should be spread around for all to enjoy.

Let’s hope the sequel is a project of passion, more like it’s predecessor and not a cash grab for a company barely able to keep the lights on.



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