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TIG – Valve: 34,000 Steam Users Information Exposed on Christmas Day. Oh, And An Apology.


It seems even the PC elite were not so safe after all, as on Christmas day the Steam store exposed thousands of users information to other users for nearly two and a half hours. Frankly, it was a mess and an event that has been dubbed the “Steam Winter Fail.”

Despite the fact that Valve fixed the problem, the more infuriating aspect of this whole fiasco boiled down to their lack of communication. The underwhelming nature of their customer support may not exactly be surprising news to people but considering the impact that this had on 34,000 users, say Valve, surely it would justify a more prompt public response? Right?


Well apparently it wasn’t worth saying much until nearly a week later when Valve finally published this announcement on their website.

The culprit was a Distributed Denial of Service attack, much like last Christmas’ epic tale of woe for many PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners and is an increasing problem for gaming

services. Valve are keen to point out that they “are a regular occurrence” and “typically do not impact Steam users”. How unfortunate one should slip through on Christmas day then.

Basically anybody who didn’t use Steam between 11:50am PST and 13:20pm PST on Christmas day has nothing to worry about and so should get back to the sale. Like, right now.

Those who believe they might have been impacted should contact Valve and can expect a response within (INSERT COMICAL TIME FRAME HERE).


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