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TIG – Multiplayer Mod For Just Cause 3 Wants You To Tether Together


One of Just Cause 2’s best features on PC was the free multiplayer mod that came with it and the team behind that glorious piece of together-shooting and blowing-uppery is now making a similar mod for Just Cause 3.

Anyone looking forward to a JC3 multiplayer mode was still left wanting when the game launched and as of yet no official word from the developer, Avalanche Studios as to what they have planned in the future. It has been stated in this interview with Kotaku however, that they will “probably lend [modders] some support” on things people want to make for JC3.

But what if Avalanche Studios (or Square Enix for that matter) decide to make their own multiplayer mode at some point? I can’t imagine the two living harmoniously side by side for very long and even if the mod’s popularity surpasses that of an official release, we can probably see which way that’s going to go: hooked by its belt loop, attached to a fighter jet and blasted off into the sunset.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that. After all, Avalanche Studios has had a great relationship with the modding community of Just Cause 2 and if anything it benefitted the game immensely, extending its shelf life and commercial success.

The mod can be followed on the team’s website.


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