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TIG – Kojima Announces New Studio. Bet You Can’t Guess What It’s Called?

Quite a big Thing In Gaming today as Hideo Kojima gleefully announces he has set up a new studio: KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS.

The studio has officially been setup with a new website, new logo and most importantly, a new Kojima goatee! Which I assume is to distance himself from his appearance in MGSV.

It’s great news, you have to agree. After a rocky few months with all that Konami ridiculousness, it’s good to know Kojima is back on the righteous path, where he belongs. Granted, his inevitable second coming has arrived a lot sooner than I could have expected but hey, it’s Hideo Kojima, the man wants to make games. Who can possibly stop that from happening?



The official wesbite, although bare bones at time of writing, is definitely worth a look at if for nothing else but the wonderfully constructed mission statement on display. Here is the opening portion of that statement:

We are Homo Ludens (Those who play).

From the moment we enter this world,

we instinctively invent ways to have “fun,”

and share our inventions with those around us.

We are not asked to do this,

nor do we need reasons to create. It is simply who we are.

And that’s just the beginning. Head over to the site for the full piece.

I for one am excited. New studio. New game. New franchise. New Hideo. New beard.

Great things await.


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