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TIG – “Noby Noby Boy”s GIRL Has Finally Returned Home After 2489 Days In Space

Imagine my joy when I heard about an event that happened in a game which I haven’t played for over 5 years. Noby Noby Boy is a very bizzare yet endearing creation consisting of stretching, eating, wiggling, jumping, flying and for some unfortunate NPCs, being pooped out shortly after getting devoured.

Perhaps I have made that sound more grotesque than it actually is. Noby Noby Boy is a simple game in all aspects, a playground full of delightful and lively characters, almost like a dream sequence with no true goal or purpose. It’s colourful, lighthearted and would surely warm the cockles of any stone cold CoD or Hatred fan (if there is such a thing).

The main gameplay is performed by the character BOY where the distance you have stretched would be added to an accumulative total along with all other players. The total distance was then added to GIRL, BOY’s planetary sized missus as she stretched her way around the solar system.

Now, after a gruelling 6 years in space, our beloved GIRL has finally come home.

The letter featured in the video (most certainly a message of love to all the fans of this unique and peculiar game) is the icing on this deliciously beautiful ending cake. Supposedly written in 2009 for us all to read at some unknown time in the future, it encapsulates everything wonderful about the game, its creator and its players.

No word as of yet to whether we will see Noby Noby Boy again in the future but this is one game that deserves to be played by more than a single generation.


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