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TIG: A Brief Reconstruction Of Goldeneye In Unreal Engine 4

Today’s Thing In Gaming is sure to make anyone from the 90’s feel a slight stab into their nostalgia sack because this is only a fan-made recreation of a Goldeneye level by creator Jude Wilson.

That’s not to say it doesn’t look great though! A lot of work has gone into the detail of what the Facility level would look like if today’s environment artists got a hold of it. Lots of crawling pipes on the walls, enhanced lighting and bump and normal mapping textures which is where Unreal really shines. Check it out:

Something tells me there would probably be a lot more chest high walls and cutscenes between the toilets and the bottom of the stairs if it were made today. Oh wait a minute, they already did that…

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TIG: Speedrunning Charity Event Raises $1.2 Million

A heartwarming Thing in Gaming today as charity organisation ‘Awesome Games Done Quick’ has raised an astounding $1.2 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Woah-holy-fuck that’s a lotta clams! The event stretched from the 3rd January to the 10th and clearly shows how generous people can be when they are submitted to an endless stream of their favourite games played with the speed and skill of Ozymandias after fifteen cans of Monster.

There were some impressive runs throughout the event including two guys doing a speedrun of Super Metroid which, in case you didn’t know, is a one player game. The two lovingly shared a controller as they obliterated their way through the entire game in just over 52 minutes. Have a lookie:

And a incredible race through Super Mario World where players had to go through all 96 levels of the game:

The organisers have already announced their next event which will take place from 3rd to 9th July for the Summer Games Done Quick 2016 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Speedrunning is a pleasure to watch and to see such skilled players from all over use every trick in the book to annihilate a game in record time is truly thrilling. No wonder AGDQ raked in so much this year! Hopefully the next event will be even bigger.

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TIG – Together Again, del Toro To Present Kojima With Hall of Fame Award


After what was a very long and arduous year for Hideo Kojima in 2015, he is finally going to be able to attend a ceremony to accept an award. The induction into the Gaming Hall of Fame will be presented to him by non other than his former Silent Hills co-director Guillermo del Toro at next months DICE Summit.

The two were originally making a new Silent Hills game which saw a short lived playable trailer on the Playstation Network aptly called ‘P.T.‘. Konami binned the project because it was too expensive or it didn’t have enough pachinko in it or something and quite frankly, if someone from the audience doesn’t shout “Silent Hill!” at least once during the proceedings then it won’t be a proper gaming award show will it?

Still, a great honour to befall the legendary designer and surely an event that will help put behind all the nasty and craptacular things of the previous year. Here’s looking ahead Kojima.


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TIG – Thinking Of Investing In Psychonauts 2? Maybe This Video Will Change Your Mind


I would imagine that if Tim Schafer were to enter a popularity contest right now he would have to leave the stage during the first round after being pelted with tomatoes while people in the crowd cry and stroke photos of him from twenty years ago, bellowing “WHY TIM!? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU MAAAAN?! YOU USED TO BE COOL!”.

It’s not been a good few years for the once great game designer and things only appear to be getting worse. Mr Schafer announced a Fig campaign for Psychonauts 2 similar to their Kickstarter for Broken Age and are once again asking the affluent people of the world for the money that they have managed to keep hidden from him in their socks, sofas or bank accounts. Well guess what, he doesn’t care how much you owe Gaben this Christmas, he wants you to dig deep! That’s it! Show him how much you want it! Go on, let him know just how much you want that sequel to Psychonauts using nothing but your hard earned cash!

Well that is unless you watch this rather depressing video from dangerousanalysis detailing how Tim and his merry band of double-headed babies could be taking you for a ride.

With everything that has happened with Double Fine recently it could be seen as simply poor management or a severe lack of judgement but good lord if the devil ain’t in the details. Even if we were to ignore how overambitious they were with Broken Age, the same being with the original Psychonauts and not to mention that whole thing with Spacebase DF-9, it’s almost as if the project is destined to fail. According to the video, Fig is hardly in a position to support itself let alone a huge game that Psychonauts 2 will undoubtedly be and the crowdfunding company may not even see it to 2017 never mind the games release year of 2018.

Perhaps it is best not to venture into the murky waters of investment on this one. It seems the company are wanting to keep a lot of information regarding investments and returns low key at the moment and besides, financially supporting a game as a dedicated publisher is risky business anyway without it being your own personal assets on the line.

I would go along with what dangerousanalysis has said about following the rewards path if you absolutely must support this game. I would even take it one step further and say the best way to support it would be to simply buy the original Psychonauts. Even if you have it, buy it and gift it to a friend. It’s a great game and should be spread around for all to enjoy.

Let’s hope the sequel is a project of passion, more like it’s predecessor and not a cash grab for a company barely able to keep the lights on.


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TIG – Valve: 34,000 Steam Users Information Exposed on Christmas Day. Oh, And An Apology.


It seems even the PC elite were not so safe after all, as on Christmas day the Steam store exposed thousands of users information to other users for nearly two and a half hours. Frankly, it was a mess and an event that has been dubbed the “Steam Winter Fail.”

Despite the fact that Valve fixed the problem, the more infuriating aspect of this whole fiasco boiled down to their lack of communication. The underwhelming nature of their customer support may not exactly be surprising news to people but considering the impact that this had on 34,000 users, say Valve, surely it would justify a more prompt public response? Right?


Well apparently it wasn’t worth saying much until nearly a week later when Valve finally published this announcement on their website.

The culprit was a Distributed Denial of Service attack, much like last Christmas’ epic tale of woe for many PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners and is an increasing problem for gaming

services. Valve are keen to point out that they “are a regular occurrence” and “typically do not impact Steam users”. How unfortunate one should slip through on Christmas day then.

Basically anybody who didn’t use Steam between 11:50am PST and 13:20pm PST on Christmas day has nothing to worry about and so should get back to the sale. Like, right now.

Those who believe they might have been impacted should contact Valve and can expect a response within (INSERT COMICAL TIME FRAME HERE).

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TIG – Multiplayer Mod For Just Cause 3 Wants You To Tether Together


One of Just Cause 2’s best features on PC was the free multiplayer mod that came with it and the team behind that glorious piece of together-shooting and blowing-uppery is now making a similar mod for Just Cause 3.

Anyone looking forward to a JC3 multiplayer mode was still left wanting when the game launched and as of yet no official word from the developer, Avalanche Studios as to what they have planned in the future. It has been stated in this interview with Kotaku however, that they will “probably lend [modders] some support” on things people want to make for JC3.

But what if Avalanche Studios (or Square Enix for that matter) decide to make their own multiplayer mode at some point? I can’t imagine the two living harmoniously side by side for very long and even if the mod’s popularity surpasses that of an official release, we can probably see which way that’s going to go: hooked by its belt loop, attached to a fighter jet and blasted off into the sunset.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that. After all, Avalanche Studios has had a great relationship with the modding community of Just Cause 2 and if anything it benefitted the game immensely, extending its shelf life and commercial success.

The mod can be followed on the team’s website.

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TIG – Kojima Announces New Studio. Bet You Can’t Guess What It’s Called?

Quite a big Thing In Gaming today as Hideo Kojima gleefully announces he has set up a new studio: KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS.

The studio has officially been setup with a new website, new logo and most importantly, a new Kojima goatee! Which I assume is to distance himself from his appearance in MGSV.

It’s great news, you have to agree. After a rocky few months with all that Konami ridiculousness, it’s good to know Kojima is back on the righteous path, where he belongs. Granted, his inevitable second coming has arrived a lot sooner than I could have expected but hey, it’s Hideo Kojima, the man wants to make games. Who can possibly stop that from happening?



The official wesbite, although bare bones at time of writing, is definitely worth a look at if for nothing else but the wonderfully constructed mission statement on display. Here is the opening portion of that statement:

We are Homo Ludens (Those who play).

From the moment we enter this world,

we instinctively invent ways to have “fun,”

and share our inventions with those around us.

We are not asked to do this,

nor do we need reasons to create. It is simply who we are.

And that’s just the beginning. Head over to the site for the full piece.

I for one am excited. New studio. New game. New franchise. New Hideo. New beard.

Great things await.

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